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Entre las diferentes cosas que he encontrado acerca de esta saga, me sorprendio encontrar hasta una lista de los posibles capitulos , llegando incluso a mostrar 200 capitulos en total , por ser tan extensa solo muestro la mas pequeña , solamente 70 capitulos, en otra version incluso cada capitulo tiene una descripcion de lo que trataria , hay quienes tienen bastante tiempo libre jeje, despues de eso muestro las graficas del segundo episodio donde Xicor se presenta a los personajes de la serie llegando a pelear contra Vegeta Super Saiyajin Fase 4, me parecio muy bacan estas ilustraciones con una alta fidelidad a los personajes

Xicor Saga
1. Kin to the Savior? The mysterious Xicor's arrival...
2. Find those dragonballs! Xicor's search begins
3. The broadcast to Earth... Xicor's true intentions!
4. It's too late! Yamcha, Tienshinhan, meet Hitsorashi and Motchani!
5. A call to action! The Union of Prince and Pauper...
6. I will avenge those fallen! Gogeta's Declaration
7. Son of Goku, vs. the Son of Vegeta! Xicor and Trunks lock horns...
8. The Fusion of Evil! Gogeta's Trial of Pain
9. A Death on the Battlefield! Trunks Falls...
10. The Seperation of Mind and Body... Gogeta fails
11. Do that again... Xicor's Unheralded Decision!
12. The Saiyans in Hiding! Gogeta's Tact
13. Coming to Fruition! Gogeta's Pleas are Fulfilled
14. Xicor! Meet Chou Genki-Dama!!
15. The Final Phase! Hitsorashi and Motchani Divided...
16. Picking up the Pieces... The Evil Duo Falls!!
17. Gohan's Split-Second Intervention... Trunks Lives On!
18. Peaceful days ahead! Goku's sudden disappearence...

Karo Saga
19. The Twisted Tsufuru-jin's Ambition! The Final Strike against the Saiya-jins...
20. The Ascension to Golden Fury! Pan's training concludes
21. The Plot to Exploit the Dragonballs... Karo's Touchdown!
22. Journey to the Look-Out! Karo's Silent Plan
23. The Wish of Ill-Will! The Terrible Power Plateau...
24. Pan! Stay Away!! The First Strike
25. Bow Before the Saiya-jin Prince! Vegeta at Bat
26. Extreme Burn-Out!! Vegeta's Painful Descent
27. Fuu-Sion! Ha! The Fury of Gotenks...
28. The Last-Second Intervention! Goku At Last!!
29. To Reach the Level Beyond!! Goku's Rise to the 5th Level...
30. Karo's Swift Breakdown... The Final Tsufuru-jin Falls!
31. Sorry I'm Late! Goku Tells All...

Black-Star Resurrection Saga
32. Long Days Ahead! The Culmination of All Evil...
33. The Capsule Corp. Catostraphe! Trunks' Split-Second Decision...
34. Back in Buisness! The Black-Star Trio's Return Mission
35. Welcome to the Planet Kerena! Bout for the 2-Star Dragonball
36. The Treasure of Theev Village... The 5-Star Dragonball!
37. Into the Liquid Abyss! The Descent for the 1-Star Dragonball...
38. Pan! Win the 7-Star! The Incredible Crater Race
39. I am the Son of Vegeta! The Twisted Trials of Trunks
40. From the Jaws of Defeat! 6-Star Retrieved...
41. Onward to the 4-Star! The Cross-Galactic Travel Begins
42. It's the Dark Planet! The Raid of Raichi's Residence
43. Out of the Hatchyyack wreckage! The 4-Star Ball...
44. Where is the Earth!? The Destruction of Mother Blue
45. Old Kai's Explanation... Karo's Post-Mortem Victory
46. The Journey to Neo Namek... Goku's Silent Promise
47. Goku's Solo Travel... The Hunt for Evil Purest
48. The Dimensional Rip! The Ghosts of the Past...
49. The Explosion into Level 5! Hard Fights for Goku
50. Yama's Second Intervention! Vegeta Enters the Fray...
51. The Sneak Attack from Below! Goku's Folly
52. The Dwindling Hope! Plagued with Doubt
53. Vegeta's Anger Transformation!! The Ascension to Super Saiyan 5
54. The Fall of Evil Purest! Vegeta Goes all Out!
55. The Hunt Resumes... Goku, Find your Enemies!
56. Vegeta's Bout with Broly... Defeat the Legendary Super Saiya-jin!
57. Majin Buu, Cell and Frieza! The Ultimate Tag Team
58. Cooler's Sneak Attack! Goku Downsized...
59. Enter Nappa and Raditz! Vegeta's Next Confrontation
60. Battered and Broken! Goku's Silent Plea...
61. Deflection! Genki-Dama Fails!!
62. Ready the Bluntz Waves! Bulma's Otherworld Plan...
63. Kibitokai's Assistance! Trunks! Reach Level 4!!
64. Operation Gorilla Drop-Off! Trunks' Unheralded Arrival
65. Stability at Last! Trunks, Super Saiya-jin 4!
66. Picking up the Pieces... Trunks' Clean-up Mission
67. At Last, Victory is Secured! All is at Ease...
68. Kibitokai's Noble Sacrifice... Piccolo, Live On!
69. The Revival of the Black-Stars! Goku's Wish for Salvation!
70. The Return to Earth! All is Once Again at Peace...


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